Monday, October 8, 2012

Drooling Mimi

I was just in the kitchen getting some more coffee after having actually started my Monday housework by vacuuming the living room floor, and Mimi was doing her hanging around on the counter thing where she sizes you up to see if she can leap from counter to your shoulder. It's a little disconcerting when you are doing something like washing dishes or cooking on the stove and all of a sudden a cat jumps on you.

She does not like to be held much and does not like to sit on your lap, but she loves to ride around the house on your shoulder, which is fine except she won't sit still and her claws will dig into your shoulder as she's turning around trying to get in just the right spot. She will purr and rumble in contentment and then also drool. So, today I picked her up and let her get on my shoulder for the ride back to the computer and by the time I sat down the arm of my shirt was quite wet. From happy drool. As soon as you sit down, she's done with your shoulder though. Now she is perched on the back of my chair.

Each year here in these parts I'm always struck by how the weather changes in an instant, from hot summer to cool fall, like a switch has been flipped. We are really glad to see the cooler weather but it is kind of bizarre how one day it will be 100 degrees and the next day it's fall, folks! We really enjoyed this past weekend's weather, it was so nice to have the windows open and be able to go outside and not be sweating. I finally nagged Keith enough to where he fixed the sliding door screen so we can now open the door up in the living room and get some ventilation going on in there. The screen door has been broken only since May, so he actually fixed it pretty quickly for him!

We didn't go anywhere last weekend despite the nice weather, since it looks like he only has a few more weeks of work we are hesitant to spend any extra money on gas to wander about. They have been packing things up at his work so it looks like the end is quite near. They were told they would have to sign some kind of agreement to work part time in order to get their severance, but after Keith thought about it he is not going to sign anything, because it sounds like they are trying to drag things out and cut hours in hopes that everyone will get fed up and just quit so they don't have to pay severance and nobody can get their unemployment. So, things are still up in the air and as Keith said, it feels like he is going to work on a sinking ship with a bucket to keep bailing.

We got a Sunday paper but the jobs listings were somewhat discouraging. There are jobs out there if you have the right credentials and college degrees. Which neither of us have. So, who knows what will happen when the axe falls, but at least we don't have to go to the company Christmas Party this year!

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