Friday, October 26, 2012

Was it the Pizza?

Last night was another one of those nights when I was completely uninspired as to what to make for dinner and since we are practicing being poor again, thought maybe we would have scrambled eggs and bacon or maybe omelettes with bacon. Then Keith suggested he go up to the take and bake pizza place since we had a coupon for a jack-o-lantern pizza for only $7.00. Jack-o-lantern pizzas sound and look festive, and it meant that I wouldn't have to cook other than turning on the oven, so yeah, go get us a pizza.

It was a cute pizza, with a mouth, nose and eyes made out of pepperoni and a little dough stem on one end, but it really tasted kind of blah, but then whaddya want for 7 bucks anyway, so we ate our pizza while watching the World Series.

Then this morning my stomach started hurting and I was having, um, bathroom issues, and I'm thinking what is going on here and could it be the pizza?

So, when Keith called to give me an update on some news about his severance pay, I asked him if his stomach had been bothering him, and he said a little bit and he was going to go eat lunch after our phone call and I said WAIT A MINUTE didn't you take leftover pizza for lunch? Maybe you don't want to eat that after all because my stomach is still hurting and it must have been the pizza.

So, take and bake pizza place, even though your pizzas are a bargain, I don't think we'll be eating your pizzas again any time soon.

And what was the news about his severance? He will get a fairly decent check and after taxes it should be enough for almost 3 house payments, and he also gets 85 hours of vacation time, and a safety bonus, so that's something anyway. The only bad thing is unemployment figures in that severance and adjusts your benefits accordingly or something like that. Maybe they don't pay you until your severance check is all used up or something, that wouldn't surprise me at all.

I had my phone interview with the snack bar team leader this morning and I'm kind of hoping they don't call back. I thought it was a permanent position but it's just for the holidays, so you would get fired on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! It really seems like a lot of work to get a lousy seasonal job at Target, background checks and interviews where they ask you those stupid questions, and then maybe an actual face to face interview where they ask you more stupid questions, and it's not rocket science people, it's selling popcorn! And you get fired on Christmas Eve!

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