Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chocolate Covered Candy Corn

Can you say YUM?

Recently we were walking through Target and up by the checkouts was the obligatory display of Fall and Halloween candies and the candy corn from Brachs with chocolate covered pieces in the bag along with the regular candy corn really caught my eye. As anything chocolate covered will.

So, I bought a bag because who can resist the idea of trying some chocolate covered candy corn?

And, whoever thought of this at the Brachs company is a GENIUS! DELICIOUS! But not enough chocolate covered pieces in the bag. You have to kind of parcel the chocolate covered pieces out and make sure your handful of candy corn includes at least one piece that is chocolate covered so when you eat your handful of candy corn you get a little chocolate goodness in there.

Now, Keith said that he really didn't like candy corn but when he tried the chocolate covered candy corn he decided that yes, he does like candy corn after all. As long as it's chocolate covered that is, and why don't they make a bag of just the chocolate covered pieces? Yeah, Brachs, how about a bag of just chocolate covered candy corn anyway?

Well, when he said a whole bag of chocolate covered candy corn it gave me the idea to cover the candy corn in chocolate myself instead of waiting for Brachs to get on the ball and do it. So, I got a bag of the Autumn Mix candy corn, which included some of the yummy candy pumpkins, and then got some Wilton candy melts because I couldn't find the other chocolate coating stuff at Vons and while chocolate chips work, they tend to melt more than the chocolate coating stuff that is specifically intended for candy making.

Now, off to experiment, and my idea was to make little chocolate covered candy corn clusters, kind of like a chocolate peanut covered cluster, which are also delicious and I think I'm going to make some of those out of my leftover candy melts.

The melts are fairly easy to work with, you can microwave them or use a double boiler, which I don't have, so I microwaved. I just dumped the candy in the melted coating and then used two spoons to make little clusters. The pumpkin candies don't sit on top all that well, which is why the white chocolate ones don't have pumpkins.

These are pretty delicious, but total sugar overload and will definitely make your teeth hurt and your stomach also if you eat too many.

Now, if you decide to make some of these or just want some candy corn, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy the generic store brand candy corn. It may be cheaper, but nobody does candy corn like Brachs and the few cents in savings on generic candy corn is just not worth it.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

Kinda almost getting sick reading this... candy corn was a favorite candy of your sister between us. We would eat a ton of it when we were kids - pretty much enough to make us sick. I tried some last year and regretted it. But then again, if I ate 5 of them instead of 75...?