Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Saturday Morning

Keith got his last real paycheck on Friday so on Saturday morning I made out my lists and went to like 5 stores and stocked up on all the stuff we will need for a while. I started out with Walmart and got Halloween goodies, candy we don't really like and therefore won't eat before Halloween, and little bags of bat and pumpkin shaped pretzels. The pretzels are really cute and if we don't give them all out at least it's not CANDY laying around and tempting us. Even if it's candy we don't really like.

After Walmart it was Target where I got lots of toilet paper and household stuff, and then went to stock up on canned cat food and it was on sale and if you bought two boxes of assorted cans you got a $5.00 gift card, so I got four boxes and $10.00 in gift cards for future cat food purchases. Score!

Then, over to Tractor Supply for the big bag of dry cat food, and into the dollar store for shaving cream for Keith, and then up to Winco for some basics in food. Whew!

Now our freezer is full of chicken and beef, and the cupboard is full of canned and boxed stuff, and it's a big mess so now I need to organize it a bit.

But, we should have enough for at least a few weeks other than a few trips to the store for perishables, so by the time we need more groceries or toilet paper, his severance check should be here along with the first unemployment check.

We've pinched pennies before and made a list of cheap and simple dinners so I think we are as prepared as possible for the days and months to come. I haven't heard anything from Target yet on the seasonal job and kind of hope I don't because after finding out it's only for a few months, don't know if I want to have to spend money on work clothes for just that. You've got to wear those red t-shirts and khaki pants that you'll never wear again.

Anyway, the weekend was gorgeous as far as weather goes, and we are so glad we don't live on the east coast about now. Joe came by yesterday and we went to breakfast/lunch at IHOP where they were incredibly busy and we had to listen to a screaming and crying toddler, wondering why the parents didn't take that baby outside the restaurant to do its screaming and crying.

Then Keith took a nap in his chair in the backyard because he was exhausted from eating breakfast I guess and after he woke up we watched the World Series.

And that was our exciting weekend.

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