Monday, October 15, 2012

The End is Even Nearer

Keith came home from work on Friday with the news that they had a meeting where the boss was finally honest with everyone and they were told that their last day would be the 31st. Happy Halloween!

They were told they would get their final check and severance about 2 weeks after that, and they would get information about applying for unemployment and all that.


We were trying to refinance with the new company that bought out our mortgage, they had sent us info on the HARP2 program that is supposed to help responsible homeowners lower their mortgage, and they keep telling us they have lost our paperwork and blah blah blah and now it would be another 30-60 days and blah blah blah and now it will be another 3-4 months and blah blah blah and so I spent a long time on the phone on Friday yelling at people. I talked with our escrow lady here and she gave me a number for a local guy who I just spoke to and who will let us know by the end of today if we qualify and if we do, we should close by the end of November. With a savings of over $200 on our monthly payment.

So, don't try to refinance with Nationstar because THEY SUCK. BIG TIME.

Anyway, today I got a bug up my you know what to get the carpets shampooed because Harri has been leaving us not so nice presents again and the carpet is stained and it's time to shampoo anyway, so I'm almost done with that. Fun times here!

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