Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gross Commercials and Maybe Selling Popcorn

And other stuff.

We did not watch the presidential debate last night because of the playoff baseball game. I'm not sure if the debate would have been more entertaining than the game, but while Keith is not that big of a sports fan, he does like his baseball. He yelled at the TV like any sports fan does, and was happy that his team won. The only bad thing was that he wanted some peanuts to eat while watching the game, which we didn't have. I suggested bubble gum for next time, less calories.

And, speaking of TV watching, we were eating lunch on Sunday and he of course turns on the TV while we were eating and was watching some junk on one of the crappy local channels and a commercial comes on for a skin tag remedy called Tag Off and the first thing we see are close ups of skin tags and he was in the middle of a huge bite of sandwich and almost lost his bite of sandwich. He was gagging at the skin tags and then of course LOOKS AT THE TV AGAIN as they do another close up of a gross skin tag. The commercial seemed to go on forever and the channel changer wasn't readily available to TURN THAT S%#T OFF! and as he is gagging I am laughing so hard I almost wet my pants and he is still trying not to throw up but KEEPS LOOKING AT THE COMMERCIAL.

It was almost as disgusting as those horrible commercials where the people's food starts slapping them in the face.

It was a good thing that when the phone rang on Saturday afternoon I didn't automatically assume that it was a telemarketer and wasn't rude like I sometimes am when answering telemarketing calls. A week or so ago I filled out an online application for Target and it was actually someone from Target calling me back. Shock! Every other time I've applied at Target I eventually get a thanks but no thanks email back. Now, when you apply at Target, you are able to see what openings they have and apply accordingly, and my choices were cart retriever, snack bar, and seasonal. I thought about the cart retriever position, but it said you have to clean the bathrooms too, and GAG I don't want to be cleaning up people's pee, and the seasonal is well, seasonal and you get fired on Christmas eve, so I put snack bar as my first choice, with seasonal second. Kind of ironic that one of my first jobs was selling popcorn at Kmart, enough popcorn to where I couldn't eat it for years afterwards, even just the smell of it making me feel a little sick.

So, anyway, the 'team leader' for the snack bar is supposed to call me on Friday for a phone interview. And then I guess if you pass the phone interview you go in for a personal one, who knows. I thought the snack bar job wouldn't be too bad because there would always be something to do. Our Target is not the busiest one in town and whenever I go in there it seems like the floor employees and cashiers are always kind of bored because there is nothing to do. Snack bar at least you could clean stuff or fill stuff or whatever. So, we will see how the phone interview goes and maybe I'll be selling popcorn again for a living.

Other than that, we are still boring.

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