Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekends and Watching TV and Stuff

Wow, here it is almost Halloween and we had a heat wave this week! What is up with that nonsense, Mother Nature? It's supposed to be pleasant this weekend, though, so we will enjoy the open windows and hopefully Keith will get going on his never ending backyard projects, like the gate he's been working on for the past month or so.

Anyway, did you hear the news that Rosie O'Donnell wanted to buy Honey Boo Boo's family a new house and they said no, they like their house, but it did need a remodel? So, Rosie is going to remodel their house and make a TV special out of it. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THAT!

Seriously, I think she is going to do it so that she can stand next to someone fatter than her, thereby looking thinner. Plus, she hasn't been on TV for a long time and nobody really cares about her anymore, so why not ride on America's newest obsession's coattails for a while?

Oh, and did you watch the debate last week? Now THAT was a debate! I was waiting for the fists and curse words to start flying. Not that Mitt would curse, it would be more like GOSH DARN IT YOU ARE MAKING ME SO MAD YOU PIECE OF SHOOFLY PIE! Great entertainment and I can't wait for this weeks final debate.

We already voted, have you? We signed up for permanent vote by mail a long time ago, and we love it. Get your ballot in the mail, fill it out, and send it back and DONE. Voted.

And, my new favorite show is Nashville. Even if you hate country music, you will like the music on the show, and the peek into what goes on behind the scenes in the world of country music is so far quite fascinating and realistic. The fading getting older country star dealing with the up and coming young and devious new country star and jealousy and rivalry and all of that stuff that makes for a good drama show.  I'm hooked!

I also enjoyed Two and a Half Men this week, with Miley Cyrus guest starring. I've never actually seen her act before and was pleasantly surprised at how funny she was, and also wondered how she memorized all of those lines, because wow did her character talk a lot!

I had added up my books for my shop for the year so far and was so very discouraged because while I made some money I also spent some money and it was all kind of a wash. I didn't feel like doing much in the way of making new things because really, what's the point if I'm spending as much as I'm making on it? I'm even running some special sales until the end of the month, but not much of that is selling. After talking with Keith about it, though, he did say that at least I'm not losing money, so I got to thinking that if it all evens out it's not like I'm spending money like a drunken sailor with nothing to show for it. and at least I'm breaking even.

So, after a lot of thought, it's time to go back to the basics in the shop and just make those things that don't cost a lot in supplies, and make things for the enjoyment of it (and also for something to do) and if it sells, it sells, and if it doesn't, well then you all know what you are getting for Christmas this year!

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