Monday, August 13, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Boring Strike Again

And, boy, did we strike out this weekend.

It was incredibly hot (and still is) with the weekend temps being like 109, and of course when the temps go up so does the bad air index where you aren't supposed to breathe when you go outside. So, outside activities, not that we do a whole lot of those anyway, are definitely curtailed.

After a boring Saturday with Keith doing a little yard work and me telling him not to stay out there too long so he didn't get too overheated, he suggested going to see a movie yesterday morning. We still have some free tickets that we've been hanging onto, waiting until something we really wanted to see came along. General movie going is definitely not on our budget, why spend twenty or thirty bucks to go see a movie and buy incredibly overpriced popcorn when you can get one out of the Red Box for $1.00 and pop some popcorn with the new air popper that I got for Keith. $20.00 for the air popper and a few bucks for the popcorn kernels and it's still cheaper than going to the movies even if you only use it once.

Anyway, we thought we'd go see the new Bourne movie, having really liked all three of the others, and off we went to the 11 am show, wanting to get there before it got real busy because there is nothing worse than a crowded movie theatre as far as I'm concerned. I always have to sit on the aisle because I can't sit through an entire movie without having to go to the bathroom, which is one of the reasons I'd just as soon watch them at home where there is a pause button.

So, off we go and give our free tickets to the girl at the ticket counter and she's having problems with the tickets and wanting to know where we got them and the manager comes over and it turns out that we can't use the tickets on a new release movie. Well, okay.

Do we want to pay the regular price and go see the movie anyway?

NO, we don't, so back up the road we go and stop at Save Mart and get some movies from the Red Box and go home and watch some movies. Because it's too hot to do anything else anyway.

What did we see? In The Land of Blood and Honey, very good but very disturbing, and Friends With Benefits, a very cute if somewhat raunchy romantic comedy. Both were good choices and worth a buck apiece.

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