Saturday, August 11, 2012

Watching the Olympics Much?

Not me. It seems as if every time I do turn it on it's something incredibly boring. But the few times I have watched any of it and seen the tight spandex leotards and bikinis and running outfits the women wear it just got me to wondering.

What happens when these girls get their period? Or do they even get a period what with all the exercising they are doing? Or do their doctors put them on birth control pills to regulate exactly when they do get their period, or are they using the new no period birth control pills?

I know, what a weird thing to wonder about, but I remember gym class and how you could get out of it if by bringing a note that you had cramps. Because putting on gym clothes and running around and then having to take a shower with all of the other girls while your Aunt Flo is in town was just excruciatingly embarrassing back in the days when nobody talked about periods and there certainly weren't any commercials all over TV for the latest in tampons. Nowadays everyone talks about all of their bodily functions all the time so it's probably not so embarrassing to be on your period, and I'm sure having cramps is no excuse not to put on your spandex and go take gym class anymore.

Anyway, it just got me wondering.

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lynney62 said...

You are too funny! Have to admit I wondered the same thing watching the gymnastics....since I don't know anyone in the Olympics, guess I'll never know the answer.