Friday, August 24, 2012

Job Interview

Well, the interview with Michaels went okay I guess. I applied at just the right time because they need to get ready for the holidays and increase their stocking staff by 9 people and so far only 5 have applied for that position.

The bad thing is that it's a really really early in the morning type position, with a start time of 3am on Tuesdays when the truck comes and 5 am on other days. Could I possibly function that early in the morning? It is a part time job and they say that the stocking staff is usually gone by the time the store opens in the morning, so it sounds like you'd be off work by 9am which would work really well with my 'schedule'. Get up, go to work, come home, and then work on Etsy stuff or house stuff.

We'll see, I'm almost hoping they will decide I'm too old to be a stocker and not call me.

Other than that, the minute I apply for a job and get an interview my shop starts to get busy again. I've got 5 orders to go out so far today, best day in a long time. One of the orders was for 10 items, love orders like that!

I've got a ton of stuff to do today and am already hot and sweaty from vacuuming and riding over to Target. I needed to get a few things and also wanted to get a birthday gift for Keith's nephew's daughter who is turning one on Sept. 5th. I got a couple of cute baby books and got a gift receipt in case the baby already has the books. Keith suggested a gift card, but I really wanted to get something a little more personal.

I got home from Target and realized some of the stuff I bought was not in my bags, so had to go back to Target and there my bag was at the service desk. TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT as the cashier was handing me my bags and didn't hand me that one. I was going to let it go because one of the items was only a few dollars, but then realized some very expensive double sided tape that I use to make my gift bags was also missing, and I wasn't about to let that go even if I didn't feel like riding back over to Target.

So, off to do more housework and get the yard mowed and then take a shower!

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