Monday, August 27, 2012

Possum on the Porch and Cats in Trash (again)

This morning Keith got a little freaked out when after giving Genie her food he turns around and finds not Genie but a possum eating her food. Then the possum got up on its hind legs and put its front paws on the sliding glass door so he could see what was going on inside the house. Keith opened the door which I would have never done BECAUSE POSSUMS ARE SCARY AND HAVE SHARP TEETH and kicked it. It ran off and he went after it with the flashlight and sees Lucy scrambling up the fence from the yard next door, also all freaked out, so he assumed the possum went up over the fence.

I have never before seen a possum in the neighborhood but Keith is thinking that since dumbass next door leaves her garage door propped up for every stray cat in the neighborhood to set up shop inside, now possums are going to join in the fun.

All I can say is EEEK.

We are still hot up here but I've noticed that the early morning air has that fall is coming crispness to it and it was actually cooler outside the house than in, even with the air conditioner having been on all night. Today so far I've actually been able to turn it off and open up some windows. Not that the outside air is all that fresh, of course.

We did get some clouds the other day. In other parts of the world, clouds are not something to get excited about, but it's unusual to see them on an otherwise hot sunny day here.

Mimi is still our trash cat. Besides bringing in things like sheets of sandpaper from the garage, she loves it when I use a paper bag for my trash in the workroom.


She sat in this bag for quite a while the other day, necessitating me to find an alternative trash can for a while.

I'm still not feeling right, my ear has been totally plugged up for the past few days and my DiVertigo oil isn't doing all that much for me. I do have a doctors appointment next week and will tell her about it even though I know there isn't much they can do for fluid behind the eardrum other than put a thing in there to drain it. I did some research and it said diuretics can sometimes help balance the fluid so I'm going to try that this week along with my allergy and seasick pills. It's not fun to feel all fuzzy headed all day and kind of dizzy.

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