Thursday, July 5, 2012

We Really Are

The most boring Fourth of Julyers ever.

What did we do yesterday?

Nothing patriotic like shopping at Macy's for a new mattress at the Fourth of July saleabration, or having a barbecue or going to a lake or a beach or someone's backyard or a fireworks show or a street fair or a festival or a parade.

Nothing. We did nothing.

We did have grilled hamburgers for dinner as our salute to independence but they really weren't very good.

And then all of the other people in the neighborhood started setting off their fireworks. Lots of fireworks. Illegal shoot them into the air fireworks. War zone fireworks.

Buddy hid under the bed in terror where Harri joined him. Pepper hid under the bookshelf in the living room. Mimi wandered about the house with a look of what the hell is happening around here on her face, as was Bear. I don't know where Lucy was, she disappeared somewhere outside as soon as the first rocket went off. Genie was the only one who didn't seem too concerned, maybe she is deaf? She did stay pretty close to the back door all night, though.

Fun Fourth of July, huh?

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