Monday, July 9, 2012

I Could Get Used To This

I didn't have to cook dinner all weekend! No, we didn't take the lazy way out and go out to eat every night, Keith fired up the barbecue and made some pretty tasty dinners for us Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Of course I still had to do the cleanup afterwards and he does make a big mess when he fixes food, was really nice to have someone else do the cooking part.

We are both on low carb low cholesterol low everything else diets these days. Keith had not been feeling well and was having digestive issues and after having had colon cancer was a little concerned that it had something to do with that. He went in for an upper endoscopy and has been diagnosed with acid reflux disease, and then his blood work also shows too much uric acid which causes gout, and his blood sugar and cholesterol levels are both too high. So, he's on the no starch thing too, no potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. I can limit his potatoes, rice and pasta, but the bread thing is going to be hard since he packs a sandwich most days for his lunch at work and it's really hard to think of something else to take along. He is also not supposed to eat much beef, turkey, processed lunch meats, peas and cauliflower, and NO BOOZE! for the uric acid thing, and then there are the foods that irritate the acid reflux, so there is a huge list of forbidden foods now.

So, this weekend we went the healthy route and grilled up chicken kebabs with fresh pineapple and yellow and orange bell peppers, and then the next night we did pork kebabs with the rest of the pineapple and peppers. Then he did a tri-tip last night, only doing beef because it was in the freezer and that will be our last tri-tip for a while.

However tonight we may go out to eat. We signed up for this thing with the electric company where you get discounts on your electric bill if you agree to limit your power usage on really hot days during peak usage times. Kind of like a brown out I think, where they send you an email a few days ahead of time so you know not to do vacuuming and stuff during the hours between 2 and 7. We are supposed to be up at 105 today so air conditioners all over town will be blasting away using up all the power and they want homes to try and conserve. Sounds fair to me and a good excuse to just relax and read a book during those hours. Turn the TV and computers off and no housework! and maybe even no cooking even if our stove is gas and not electric. We are also supposed to get a $25.00 credit somewhere down the line for agreeing to do all this. They also tell you that it won't be for more than about 15 days total during the season. Not a problem!

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