Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Busy Week

So far.

We took Harri to the vet on Saturday morning for weepy eye. She and Bear both have the herpes virus (shame on them!) which causes gingivitis and mouth ulcers and weepy eye in Harri's case. She is scheduled for her shots next week and needed to get the eye taken care of first. She was not happy when we put her in the cat carrier and meowed the entire way to the vet's office. Good thing it is just up the street and a five minute drive.

Buddy has this thing about cat carriers and likes to sleep in them because apparently his little pea brain doesn't remember that cat carriers usually equal a vet trip, so after Harri got home he spent the entire afternoon curled up in the cat carrier.

My calendar schedule of chores and appointments is working out really well. There have been a few days when something gets a little arrow next to it and is moved to the next day, but all in all, things are cleaner and things like dusting the ceiling fan blades have been neatly scheduled. The fan blades are something I never think about since they are on all summer and you can't see the dust when they are spinning around. We turned off the fan for our PG&E Smart Day Event on Monday and holy crap what a lot of dust!

The whole idea behind the Smart Day Events is that you get a discount on your electric bill during the summer but any energy you use during Smart Days is at a premium surcharge rate so it's a good incentive to make an effort to reduce use during those hours. And really not that hard, but kind of weird with not using the computer or watching TV during that time. They send you a little welcome packet with suggestions and tips and one of them was to go for a hike during The Event. Yeah, it's 105 outside, the whole reason for the Event and you want me to go hiking? When it's 105? Um, NO.

We sat on the couch and read for a while. Reading makes Keith sleepy so he took a nap. I got sleepy too, and did go turn a light on in the workroom and worked on a few things for a while, because napping is not for me, I wake up feeling horrible if I sleep during the day.

I suggested a trip to the mall to walk around in their air conditioning but Keith hates malls and was tired and didn't feel like walking around. We did go over to Mimi's Cafe for dinner, since a Smart Day Event means no cooking yay! I ordered off their new light and fit menu choices and had sweet and sour chicken which was very good except for the mushrooms and broccoli which ended up in a little pile on the side of my plate. Yes, I am a picky eater and mushrooms and broccoli are just disgusting as far as I'm concerned. Keith loves broccoli (gag) so I steamed some for him last week and even the smell of it turns my stomach. Ick.

We have another Smart Day Event today, so where should we go eat tonight?

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