Thursday, June 28, 2012

When Are They Going To

Invent that personal teleporting machine?

I have to go across town either this afternoon or right after dinner, depending on what time Beverly Fabrics closes, and I'm already dreading the drive. I got a special order this morning along with the payment (yay!) for a bunch of glass pendants and I thought I had enough glass to make them all, and so of course I don't and the only place in town that carries the pre-cut glass for the pendants is Beverly Fabrics. Michaels used to carry it but the last few times I've looked for it in there they don't have it and no longer even have a space where it should be. I have a good mail order source for it but I don't have a week to wait for it to get here.

So, I have to go down Rosedale Highway, the worst highway (if you can even call it that) in the world as far as I'm concerned, with so much traffic on it and so many stop lights and so much annoyance. There is a back way that I could go, but the trip is twice as long and not much less annoying because driving anywhere in this town is pretty darn annoying if you ask me.

I just want to transport myself there in an instant, get what I need, and be back home. So, either a teleporting machine or a jet pack would work. If only someone would get busy and get inventing. Of course, if I had a jet pack everyone else would too, and then we'd probably have traffic jams in the sky with everyone darting around with their jet packs. But the teleporting machine would be cool, as long as you didn't get your molecules mixed up with someone else's while teleporting.

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