Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going To The Dentist

Is there anyone out there who actually goes to the dentist and enjoys it? Anyone who isn't filled with dread the moment they walk through those doors?

I highly doubt it unless you are one of those people blessed with perfect teeth and never gets a cavity.

We went for our 6 month check ups Monday afternoon. We scheduled them back to back on the same day thinking it would save time and be easier to remember one appointment instead of two. It certainly did not save time and we ended up being in that office for two hours. They were incredibly busy and we were lucky to find someplace to sit down and then after 30 minutes Keith finally gets called back. Another 30 minutes goes by and I finally go back to get my x-rays. Which always make me feel like I'm going to vomit when they shove those x-ray things into my mouth. Seriously. Major nausea when they do that.

Then after my x-rays there is no place for me to go since all of the rooms are full and I have to go back to the lobby and wait some more.

Then finally in to see the dentist, who turns out not to be the same dentist I saw last time, which is one of the reasons we left our old dental office, the incredibly constant turnover of dentists. The dentist I saw last time doesn't work there anymore. Well.

So, I'm told that I really should have another deep cleaning, something I just paid lots of money to have done six months ago, and I have two cavities that need filling. Insurance only helps pay (and not even that much) for the deep cleaning once every two years, and without the insurance we are looking at lots of money for a deep cleaning and I think you are really just trying to sell me a service because that's how it is at a dental office these days. Sell sell sell. I say no to the deep cleaning but yes to the cavities being filled, but they want to fill them today and I don't care if you are open until 7 and can do them today, we've been here for 2 hours already and I really want to go home. I'll come back another day for those fillings.

I go back to the lobby to set up my appointment expecting to see Keith all done with his checkup and sitting there impatiently waiting but he is nowhere to be seen and as it turns out is still sitting in the dentist's chair getting his teeth cleaned.

The whole experience reminds me way too much of the old dental office that would overbook appointments and keep you waiting and waiting and waiting. There was one time back when I worked the overnight shift where I sat waiting for an hour and finally stood up and told them I was leaving, that an hour's wait for a dental appointment was just too long.

The next time we go for our regular checkups we are going on separate days instead of back to back appointments and hopefully we won't each be there for quite so long.

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