Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Iced Coffee

Summer is definitely here, and I think we are in for a very long very HOT one. We had our first over 100 degree day a week or so ago, and yesterday was our second, with the high at 101. I remember when living on the coast how if it got to 80 we were sweating and complaining. We didn't know how lucky we were.

Anyway, iced coffee. Remember my stuck in the drive through at Jack in the Box in search of iced coffee saga? Keith suggested we just make our own iced coffee. I had tried it before but it just didn't taste right, because the secret is to make the coffee way stronger than usual so that when the ice starts to melt, your coffee will still taste like coffee. After some googling and perusing iced coffee recipes, I came up with the perfect iced coffee. And way cheaper than Starbucks.

I did find a limited edition iced coffee brew over at Target ( I love Target and don't know how we survived before they came along) from their house Archer Farms brand. It said to brew the coffee double strength, but that sounded like a bit much, so instead of 4 scoops of coffee for a usual pot, I put in 6. Then you let it cool off some, add sweeteners if you like ( I put 1 cup of splenda in my pot), pour into a tall glass that is filled with ice, leaving room at the top for cream or whatever, add your cream or whatever, stir and sip.

You can use any flavor of creamer, or just half and half for true coffee taste, or use this creamer that doesn't have all of the weird oils and stuff that the flavored creamers have in them. This brand is my new favorite.

It's delicious and again, doesn't have all the weird ingredients that the totally fake creamer has.


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