Friday, June 15, 2012

Birthday Weekend and Flies

Tomorrow is Keith's birthday so he is taking a long weekend, with today and Monday off. Unfortunately his birthday is in the summer and it's always HOT. It's going to be 103 tomorrow and 105 on Sunday so we are trying to think of something to do for the birthday boy that won't involve being outside too much. Except maybe in our backyard where it really has been pleasant with the sunshade and the patio misters going. I think we are going to go try and find his hammock today although we probably won't be able to find one that doesn't come with a stand. Because most people need the stand since they don't have trees strategically placed in their yards or a hand built patio complete with hooks for hammocks like we do.

Anyway, we'll think of something to do. They are having a chili cookoff and car show up in Tehachapi tomorrow (whoo hoo) which would be something to do, but even though Tehachapi is up in the mountains it still gets hot, and they are having a gun and knife show at the fairgrounds (bigger whoo hoo) which costs 9.00 to get in BUT IT COVERS BOTH DAYS! Neither of us are much interested in guns and knives though so maybe we will save that 9.00 each and not go to the gun and knife show. I don't know if I could stand that much excitement, really.

And now about the flies. The fly traps that we hung up work really really well for catching flies and fill up very very fast with dead flies, but after we took them down to throw away because they were full and totally disgusting not to mention extremely stinky, the hoards of flies disappeared. We have figured out that the fly traps were actually drawing more flies than if we didn't have them. Like millions more.

Since we took them down and didn't immediately put fresh ones up (laziness wins here) we have only seen a few flies here and there and were even able to eat dinner outside without waving a fly swatter around the entire time.

Lesson learned, fly traps attract flies all right.

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