Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Organized

I've always been kind of a haphazard housekeeper, cleaning certain things only when in the mood for cleaning or getting totally grossed out by how dirty something is and realizing it's definitely time to clean it. And then there is the forgetting to look up thing, where one day you finally do look up at the ceiling and notice the incredible amounts of cobwebs up there. And the things like dusting the baseboards and cleaning the cabinet doors in the kitchen.

So, I decided to get organized and make a schedule of what gets cleaned and when. I have a notebook calendar that Keith got at work months ago, a calendar that I've never actually used, so it will become my keep track of the chores calendar. When did I last clean out the microwave? Easy peasy, it's marked on my calendar and the next appointment is already scheduled. Is it time to wash out the cat boxes? Let me check my calendar! Time to shampoo the carpets? No, it doesn't need to be done until next week.

I'm thinking my calendar system will help the house stay somewhat clean and I'll be a little more productive, because I'll check my calendar first thing in the morning and then I'll know whether I can waste time looking at cute cat pictures on the internet or get busy and get something done.

Now I need to get a menu system in place, so I'll make an appointment to get that done on my calendar and maybe having a set menu for each few weeks will help us save some of the incredible amounts of money that we spend on food, lots of which is a total waste because either things go bad before we can eat them or we buy impulse foods that don't taste good, or we just don't feel like cooking chicken again and go out to eat.

So far today I've gotten the floors vacuumed, something I do most days anyway to keep the cat dander and hair down, mopped the floors, dusted the bedrooms, and will be finished for the day as soon as I dust the pictures in the hallway and clean the bathroom sinks and toilet. Not bad, it's not even 10am yet and I'll have the rest of the day to look at those cat pictures on the internet.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

Can you come try this at my home? Maybe show me how this is done? Really?