Thursday, May 17, 2012

More From the Front Porch

Which isn't actually a porch but more like a stoop, but anyway. We do have a paved sitting area that used to have bushes and dirt there so I call it the porch even though it has no roof like a porch should.

Yesterday I rode over to drop off some packages and do a few errands and I'm riding back up the driveway and who should be sitting (on the front porch) waiting for me but Little Dog, whose name is actually Tinkerbell but that is a stupid name so her name at our house is Little Dog. She was SO HAPPY!!!  to see me and was twirling around in circles and jumping and licking and her breath was kind of nasty but she was SO HAPPY!!! And I'm like you little sh*t, you escaped AGAIN? Obviously your owners didn't fix the fence yet.

I'm afraid I was a little uncharitable calling them Tweaker Hillbillies, because the dad does seem to be a very good dad who rides his bike alongside his kids on their way to school in the morning, and the kids are dressed neatly and cleanly and always have their helmets on. So maybe he is a reformed rehabilitated Tweaker Hillbilly.

But anyway, Little Dog spent the entire afternoon at our house again, getting underfoot and zooming past us into the house whenever a door was opened, and whining at the front door when she got put back outside, and in general making me glad that I have cats and not dogs. Because they are kind of a pain. Not that our cats aren't big pains sometimes.

Dad and the kids did finally come get the dog. And apologized again and thanked us again and promised they would get the fence fixed. I fully expect to find Little Dog on the porch again later today.

In other porch news, last summer the flies out front were so bad that you couldn't enjoy sitting on the front porch without being attacked by flies. So this year we are trying out the plastic bag fly traps that have a nasty smelling to humans but wonderful smelling to flies stuff inside that you add water to and hang up where flies like to congregate. I wasn't sure how well these things work, but after an hour or so when I saw all these flies inside it flying around trying not to drown I guess they work really well. Except I keep hearing that little voice from The Fly- Help meeee, Help meeee....


Linda said...

They do work really well, those fly-traps. We use one on the corner of the patio in the summer. You have to replace after 3 or 4 weeks, though, because it gets really stinky once a lot of flies get in there and die. Oddly enough, smells like dead fish!

lynney62 said...

Love the fly-catcher! I'm going to try that on my deck this summer!
Hope you guys have a wonderful "bar-BQ" weekend!