Wednesday, May 16, 2012

As Keith Says

He should have had this patio finished a long time ago. Instead of waiting until days before the barbecue. He should have been buying a stack of pavers and a bag of gravel every few weeks since the beginning of the year (or maybe even the beginning of last year because that's how long it's been if not longer since he started all this) and doing a row or two at a time. Instead of staying up until 11 pm each night this week working on the patio.

Maybe it will be finished in time. And maybe we won't be entirely broke by then. Because this little project is rapidly draining our savings account.

Busy, busy week we are having. I got the kitchen cabinets and top of refrigerator all cleaned yesterday and today is carpet shampooing and we need to get the front yard mowed and GET THAT PATIO FINISHED.

And then Friday will be getting all the food ready and then by Saturday we'll be really ready to relax a bit.

It's getting there!

Different subject. Remember the little dog that has been hanging around our house? She found our house and spent a few days here and then disappeared and then we though she was gone for good but were sitting on the couch one evening and here she is at the back door all happy to see us again. She had a leash looped around her neck to where if it had gotten caught on something would have strangled her. So, she must belong to somebody, right? Somebody who has not been walking around the neighborhood looking for her.

She spent the weekend before last here, following Keith around the yard and sleeping on the back porch and then was gone again.

Then we see her way way down the street with another leash around her neck and she sees us and here she comes dragging her leash and again, really really happy to see us. And very hungry. This leash was attached to a collar that was way too big for her and was all looped around her neck so Keith fixed the collar so it would fit and she spent this last weekend at our house. We made a sign and put it in the front yard with her picture on it and asked neighbors if they knew whose dog it was and asked anyone who walked by if they wanted a dog, but no takers.

Very cute dog and fun, but so very needy for attention and one of those little jumpers who scratch your legs when they jump because they are so happy to see you, and just way too much work for us to just go ahead and keep her. And then there was the night Keith got woken up by her barking in the back yard. So, maybe we'll need to take her to the animal shelter where I'm sure her owners will not come and get her since they couldn't even be bothered to walk down the street looking for her.

And then yesterday morning I'm sitting out front petting her and I see a couple of kids riding their little scooters to school with their dad following on his bike. The dad sees the dog and does kind of a double take and I'm thinking it's his dog and maybe he'll stop back by after he gets the kids to school.

And sure enough, doorbell rings and it's Mr. and Mrs. Tweaker Hillbilly at the door saying thank you for finding their dog that belongs to their daughter, one of the small kids I saw on the scooters going to school. Mr. Tweaker Hillbilly has tattoos all over his arms but apparently no money left over after the tattoos to send his wife to the dentist because Mrs. Tweaker Hillbilly has a mouthful of rotten teeth, and no wonder this dog comes to our house to get fed because they probably can't afford dog food either.

Anyway, I ask them for their address and phone number just in case the dog gets out again, and tell them if she's ever missing to check our house first and they walk off with the dog and hopefully will fix their fence so she doesn't keep getting out.

Then out of curiosity I drive by their house which is on the cross street way at the end of our block, and yes, it's Hillbillyville down there with a broken fence, junky looking yard, and Christmas lights still dangling from the eaves. No wonder the dog keeps escaping.


lynney62 said...

Oh lord.....I just spit my coffee all over my laptop....your dog story is just too much! And great vivid description of the doggie's "parents"...LOL!

Margo said...

Glad the dog went home, but can't help wondering why they hadn't been looking for it before.
The patio looks great....what a change from that bare back yard I remember!!

Linda said...

The back yard is starting to look really good, although I know you'd have liked to have it done ages ago before it started getting hot. The nice thing about having lots of patio is that you can just have pots of plants and have the color without much lawn and garden care - it's all so much easier to CONTROL when it's in pots! And if the plants croak, you just go buy a little 2-dollar 6-pak and put in some more. Or buy little herbs in the herb section, because the sages can get really big and don't require tons of water.
Now to clean MY house in case people come around before or after Mom's party...