Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost Barbecue Time!

And hopefully with some people bringing chairs and the chairs we have and any other chairs we can scrounge there will be enough seats for everyone. And a patio to sit those seats on.

It's almost finished!

And if any of you who are coming tomorrow are reading this, it will be HOT up here, so be prepared with summer clothes on! And if you are a frequent bathroom goer on a road trip like I am, stop in Castaic at the travel plaza there where you will find clean restrooms and cold refreshments. The rest stop at Frazier Park has been closed the last few times we've been over the mountain. So gas up and empty that bladder before going up that big hill! And if you need to stop again after you come down off of that big hill, the big huge new travel plazas on the other side of the mountains have absolutely everything a human being could ever need, even Baskin Robbins ice cream!

We've traveled that road enough to where I know exactly how many restrooms there are between Bakersfield and the coast.

And now I need to go start making potato salad and cupcakes!

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