Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Dog

We almost had a dog adopt us this weekend.

Keith was working on the kitchen on Saturday, sanding trim and cutting things out in the garage and on the driveway. He had the side gate open so Genie could come out into the front yard to sun herself and annoy Lucy, who always gets this totally disgusted look on her face when Genie is in her space. Sometimes Genie hisses at her, which serves her right.

Anyway, gate open and cats are about and the little black cat from next door is visiting too, because he really likes Keith and Keith will pick him up and pet him. Then Keith comes into the house and says 'hey, why is there a dog running around in the back yard?'. I look out to see little black cat and a little beige dog chasing each other in the back yard. Genie is watching like 'what the hell?'

Black cat and little dog come out into the front yard where they do some more chasing each other and Keith gets the little dog to come to him for some petting.

And then little dog hangs around for the rest of the day. Trying to follow us inside because while it has no collar or tags is apparently somebody's little house dog.

And then the little dog hangs around for the entire evening, sitting at the back door looking in at us.

The dog was actually smaller than most of our cats and quite friendly once it realized that we were friendly. Lucy seemed not to be bothered by it, just kind of looking at it and watching it run around the front yard. We kept expecting someone to walk down the street looking for the dog but nobody ever came.

We went to bed fully expecting little dog to still be hanging around in the morning but I guess it got bored because it was nowhere to be seen when I got up. Which was a good thing because I got to thinking about how much more work a dog is and the cats are enough of a nuisance sometimes.

We did see the dog wandering around down the street yesterday, so hopefully it will find its way home eventually.

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