Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feeding Time at the Zoo

Every afternoon at about 3:30 pm when Keith gets home from work the cats know that it's dinner time and gather in the kitchen looking at us like Hey, hungry kitties here!

On the weekends they get all confused and don't know what time they are supposed to eat because Keith is home all day. 

Buddy always jumps up on the counter where all of the bowls are waiting to be filled and he sticks his nose in each bowl like where is the food already, and by the time I get food into all of the bowls he is usually finished eating and looking for more. I space the other cats around the kitchen and take Genie's food outside where she is dancing around in circles because she knows it's time to eat. Pepper is on one side of the kitchen behind the island divider where she won't bother anyone else, Mimi and Bear are on the other side of the divider where Pepper won't give them the evil eye, and poor Harri is usually too freaked out to come out and eat with everyone else, so she is sometimes given food wherever she happens to be.

Well, yesterday was very unusual in that Buddy didn't jump onto the counter and the four cats ate all lined up in a row to eat. By the time I got the camera and was ready to take a picture, Mimi was already leaving and Buddy had already left his bowl to scavenge in someone else's. Because their's is probably better or they got more or something.

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PussDaddy said...

What up, what up, geelizzie, long time no see.