Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Doggy Visit

Late yesterday afternoon as we were finishing up our dinner and getting ready to settle in for the evening, a visitor came to the door.

So, Keith played with the dog and the next door neighbor put some dog food out for it (her? don't see any evidence that it's a boy down there). Dog food that she turned her nose up at because she must have been fed the good stuff wherever it was that she lived.

Then she spent the rest of the evening sitting at either our front or back door. Lucy still doesn't seem to be bothered at all by this dog and was in fact sitting at the front door with the dog right beside her. The dog even followed Keith into the house where all of the indoor cats just kind of looked at her like what in the world is that thing?

I don't know where the dog is this morning but I'm going to get a few cans of dog food today just in case she comes back tonight.

She is very cute and quite friendly, doesn't seem to bark much, but does get all excited like little dogs do and was running, running, running around the front yard in circles to where I'm surprised she wasn't all dizzy.

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