Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

(and James!)

Today is Jennifer's birthday and she's getting to the age where you really don't get as excited about birthdays because it just means you are another year older. And maybe you are getting a few wrinkles or some gray hairs along with the another year older. The only reason I can even remember how old she is now is by counting back from the age I will be on my birthday this year (FIFTY SEVEN! ACK!) and then subtracting by 20.

It is also stepson James' birthday today and if Keith's brain is remembering correctly, he is 10 years younger than Jennifer, 30 years younger than me, and Jennifer was 7 when he was born although we didn't know them back then so he is 27. So, you can do the math and figure out how old Jennifer is today. Although she may not want us all to know.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the Birthday Kids and we'll be celebrating next weekend at our first of what we hope will be an annual Birthday Barbecue Event.

We got a new barbecue yesterday because if you are going to invite people to a barbecue you really should have something to cook on other than the Patio Bistro Barbecue that we got last summer that is basically a George Foreman grill on a stand. It works very well for a dinner for us but is kind of small and when people are looking forward to grilled hamburgers and chicken it just doesn't taste the same done on an electric grill.

We weren't specifically looking for a barbecue but were in Tractor Supply to get cat food and flea meds and saw a big charcoal grill that was a very good price so there you go. New barbecue.

We also went to the dollar store to start getting all the napkins, plates, tablecloths and plastic forks for the party. Next week I'll be doing a spring clean of the house so that there aren't cobwebs in the corners and speaking of cobwebs, the eaves on the outside of the house are covered with them so we need to clean those. Keith is taking a long weekend with Thursday and Friday off to try and get the bricks down for the patio so we aren't sitting on dirt and weeds, and then he's taking the Monday off too so that we can go do something fun. If it's not too hot. Its HOT here already, with temps up in the 90's. Summer is early this year.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER! We'll see you next weekend!!

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer and James! Hope you have a wonderful BBQ weekend! :) {so much work to get ready for those things, isn't it?} ;)