Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Got That Party Started!

Keith was just finishing up laying some bricks as people were starting to pull up to the house on Saturday. I think he has learned his lesson about procrastinating now.

We really enjoyed having everyone come up for the party, even getting to see Meghan, who drove all the way from South Lake Tahoe! Well, actually she drove down for her sister's graduation from high school but we can pretend that it was for the barbecue, right?

Other than the MILLIONS OF FLIES the day wasn't too hot and the breeze was blowing and the food came out okay even if it was served an hour or two late, and other than the BARKING and trying to tear down the fence to come to the party dog next door, and again, the BILLIONS of flies, it was a really good day!

For next year, we are going to have the party a few weeks earlier because it seems like a few weeks ago there weren't any MILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF FLIES. Also, Keith says there is some kind of yard fogger that you can use a few hours before an event that is supposed to help keep the bugs away.

We are already thinking about next year's party since we now have a year to plan it and since we have a year maybe certain people won't be doing patio laying at the last minute. Keith was talking about one of his work friends who cooks a Mexican barbecue (probably because he is Mexican) and so we thought a Mexican theme would be fun. Taco fixings cooked on the grill and spanish rice and beans and Coronas and chips and salsa. So, bring your sombreros next year!

We were exhausted on Sunday and while I had work to do for the shops and some special orders to get done, Keith took two or three naps that day.

And it was really really nice that we were not the ones doing the long boring drive over the mountains thing, we were already home!

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lynney62 said...

Sounds like the party was a huge success! Wonderful!!