Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Already?

Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Actually it was not really a fun weekend but very busy. Saturday it seemed like I spent half the day in the car running errands and fighting traffic and the 349,000 other people who live in this town also seemed to be running errands and fighting traffic. I always wonder where everyone is going or if they just drive around aimlessly all day because there is nothing else to do here.

Keith was supposed to be (finally after three weekends of working on it) finishing the bed. I told him to get an early start on it because rain was supposed to come in late Saturday afternoon. So, of course the bed was still sitting in the backyard when it started raining. But, it is done and in the bedroom and last night I tried it out. I slept sort of okay, the bed is a little harder and it was weird to be in a different room. Pepper started out the night by sleeping by my feet which didn't bother me, but about 4 am decided it was time for me to get up and kept tapping the side of my head with her paw and then when I rolled over to get away from her, started tapping the back of my head. Then decided to use the cat box and dug to China for what seemed like five minutes. Scratch scratch scratch scratch. Dig dig dig.

Keith said that he didn't really see that much difference in how he slept but he did enjoy having the whole bed to himself. Plus he can get up and turn on the light and get dressed instead of having to go out into the living room so he doesn't wake me up.

As soon as the bed was set up yesterday afternoon Pepper laid claim to it. This morning Harri and Mimi are all stretched out on it.

When I was looking for bedding I was somewhat stunned at how expensive sheets and all of that stuff costs. And how ugly most of it was. I found this spread and a set of lime green sheets at Walmart after going to just about every store that carries bedding. I wanted something colorful in there and it is indeed colorful. If I get tired of the flowers I can flip it over to a solid lime green.

I got my carpets vacuumed and steam cleaned yesterday. Since we didn't have to give all of our money to the government this year I replaced the steam cleaner that quit working a few months ago. The carpets look much fresher now. I put the cat beds up off the floor in the living room to do the cleaning and later I see Bear had found the one that was sitting kind of precariously on the shelf. She never sleeps in this bed when it's in its usual place.

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