Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fake Tooth and Freshly Painted Bathroom

So here is our freshly painted bathroom. We have one of those bathrooms that they call a Jack and Jill for some reason, with sinks on each side and then a central long narrow room with the bathtub and toilet in it. I switched sink areas yesterday, putting my stuff in the outside sink area and Keith's stuff in the bedroom sink area, which is like a little alcove in the bedroom next to the closet.

Yes, it is narrow. You have to be careful not to crash into the wall when you are getting out of the shower. Keith was watching some home improvement show on PBS the other day where they were showing a newly remodeled very fancy house and they had a walk through shower (kind of like going through a car wash) that appeared to be much bigger than our entire bathroom. Must be nice to be rich and have car wash showers. We thought it would be really cool if it had automatic body scrubbers coming out of the walls along with the two showerheads that it had.

This is our incredibly bright new light fixture that I'm still getting used to. You almost feel like you should be wearing sunglasses.

And this is the outside sink area that is now mine. I got some new hand towels- pink!

There are still a few things that need to be done in the shower area. The wall above the shower tile was kind of crumbling along the top of the tile from the moisture so Keith resealed it all with grout stuff that is real plasticky and the paint won't stick to it so he's going to put up some molding around the top of the tile. Then there is still the bathroom cabinet above the toilet that he built long long ago but has never finished and has no cabinet doors. I'd really like some cabinet doors so I don't have to be looking at our toilet paper and preparation H each time I go into the bathroom.

Yesterday I went and got my new crown put in. Not something I'd want to do very often but not as bad as I thought it would be. I get so tense when sitting in that chair, it's all that drilling and stuff that really gets me. The tooth that needed a crown had a broken filling and there was so little left of the tooth that they couldn't just fix the filling. I didn't feel any pain during the whole process, first the filling was drilled out and then they ground down the tooth and measured and took pictures for the fancy fake tooth machine and then made the crown and glued it in. The whole thing took 2 hours so if you ever need a crown go to a dentist that does the 2 hour crowns. No temporary crown and no pain. I also like the fact that this dentist stays open until 7 pm.

It was a little icky sitting there waiting for my crown to be made and feeling this weird stub tooth in my mouth though.

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