Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Friday

And what have we accomplished this week?

Not much.

We did go and get our taxes done but have to go back tomorrow and finalize it all. Our tax lady wanted to have the manager look it over because it's so complicated and of course the manager had already gone home so we'll go back tomorrow and make sure she did it all right. I wish I could do them myself but if someone who is trained in taxes has questions, imagine the frustration of trying to do it at home and then I'd probably end up in IRS jail for doing it wrong. We did come out okay (as long as the figures are correct that is) and will break even after paying for the tax prep. We're getting a little bit of money back which will pay for the tax prep fees so it's all a wash and we don't have to send in any more money. Having that extra taken out of Keith's check seems to be the magic cure for owing the IRS.

On Monday I go get my crown done. They called me yesterday to remind me and it's a good thing they did because for some reason I had Tuesday stuck in my head for my appointment day. I am not looking forward to it AT ALL but at least we are doing the new fancy crown where they make it right there in the office and two hours later you are all done. No temporary crown and coming back for the real crown and all of that nonsense like at our old dentist. Our old dentist that we are both very glad we decided to fire.

Last month I did all of my deep cleaning and laser treatment in two sessions. I was offered the option of doing it all in one session but after having half of my mouth numb for hours and hours and all of that scraping and lasering and then still having half of my mouth numb for even more hours after it was all done, I couldn't imagine having my whole mouth numb for hours and hours and hours and be sitting around drooling all over everything.

After my crown is done I think we will be all finished with dental work and doctor visits for at least a few months. Long enough to get all the dental work and doctor visits and blood work paid for before we start all over again at least. I got a bill for one of my blood draws the other day and it was for $140.00. For two blood tests. They forgot to bill the insurance first so I called them up and now need to wait for the new bill that will reflect the discount that we get. The insurance doesn't actually pay for anything until we meet our $3000 deductible but at least they cover the annual wellness exam. I can't even imagine how much that would cost without any insurance if it's $140.00 for just two blood tests.


We are maybe supposed to get another storm coming in this weekend so a chance of rain again.

And that is all that is happening around here.

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