Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well, the entire rest of the country seems to have stolen our weather. Is that crazy or what? We are turning on the heater here and getting the umbrellas our and shoveling snow up in the mountains and having the road to Tehachapi closed because of snow and people in Chicago are at the beach. Didn't it always used to be the other way around? We'd be gloating over our sunshine and warm weather while snickering at those poor folks who had the misfortune to live anywhere else but here.

I'm telling you it's that global warming thing, they've been trying to warn us for a long time now. But we just wouldn't listen.

I am really wondering what kind of summer we are in for this year, though, after such a warm winter it's probably not going to be good. 

Keith worked on the bed in between rain showers and cold wind blowing this weekend. I just wanted something simple to put the mattress on but nothing is simple when it comes to Keith building things. And everything takes twice as long as you think it should. In other words, it's still not finished after about a month of weekends. And now it's in the middle of the living room because there is no room in the garage for it. It still needs some sanding and a coat of paint and I'm quite sure that it will be in this spot for the rest of the week. Kind of hard to vacuum around it but last night Mimi was having the time of her life running around under and over it. Kind of like a cat jungle gym.

We really could have used the extra bed last night. I couldn't get to sleep and woke him up while tossing and turning and then he was snoring and kept me up and it took forever to get to sleep. And then there was Harri who I didn't think was in the bedroom but she was hiding somewhere and she likes to walk around on top of us during the night.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Wow, that bed frame is cool though! Hope it gets done soon so you can start enjoying it! :)