Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No Needles

Well, fortunately I didn't have to have needles full of cortisone inserted into my scalp yesterday at the dermatologist. Which is what they do for alopecia areata, which is basically unexplained hair loss. Since I already used the cortisone cream on my head I didn't have to have any shots. Which don't sound like fun. There really is no other treatment and they really don't know what causes it if there are no other underlying medical conditions. I'm supposed to get more blood work done to check for anemia but I highly doubt that I'm anemic. And we already know that it's not my thyroid or lupus.

My hair is starting to grow back but some of the hair around the bald spot and the new hair coming in has no pigment at all, it's not gray but completely white, like albino hair I suppose. So when all the hair comes back I'll have a Cruella DeVille white streak in my hair, but on the back of my head. The doctor woman that I saw (who was actually a quite knowledgeable physician's assistant) checked the rest of my head and did find two other small spots on either side of my head that she said to just use the cortisone on for the 7 days and since the other big spot is responding well to it then that's all the treatment needed.

I've never been to a dermatologist before and I guess lots of people have skin issues because that place was packed with people waiting and their office was HUGE. I've never seen so many hallways and treatment rooms in one doctor's office before. They had maps on the wall like you find in a mall or amusement park- YOU ARE HERE. Exit signs and arrows so you could find your way back out of the maze.

Other than that excitement, business as usual around here. We were thinking (or anyway I was suggesting) that we go back up to Fresno to revisit the zoo now that the weather is a little warmer than it was in January when we went. It was great having the zoo all to ourselves but it was COLD that day and we'd like to go back before it gets too HOT. However, we are supposed to have another storm move in this weekend, so. No zoo for us just yet.

The other day I was looking on the computer to see what was on TV and on PBS they had a show called Milk's Marvelous Transformation: The Story of Cheese. We didn't watch it though, despite how fascinating The Story of Cheese sounds.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

We've got a few inches of snow here, it's bizarre, but I'm enjoying it...

Glad your skin is responding to the cream, that's awesome! ;)