Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh, how I miss you!

This morning we went over to Milt's Coffee Shop for breakfast (open 24 hours a day with a big EAT sign above the building!) because we haven't been out for breakfast since Christmas and Keith woke up hungry and wanted to go get breakfast. It's kind of fun to go to Milt's because the booths are upholstered in tuck and roll aqua fake leather and it's kind of retro and you just can't ignore the big EAT sign. We used to go there a lot and then kind of forgot about it because it's kind of a drive being way over by the freeway but have recently rediscovered it and you can get dinner for under $9.00 and breakfast for even cheaper.

We were given the regular menu and then the Specials menu with things like eggs benedict with artichokes and some other things with artichokes in them which must be an Okie thing or just a Bakersfield thing, and also venison chicken fried steak, but what really caught my eye was carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting and I wanted that SO BAD. But if I eat pancakes then my blood sugar spikes way up and I don't feel so good a few hours later and then there's that loaded with carbs thing, so I didn't get the carrot cake pancakes.

Instead I ordered a bacon and jack cheese omelette but hold the hash browns and biscuits and gravy please.

That's another thing I miss, biscuits and gravy. Which is also an Okie thing, Bakersfield having had a rather large amount of people from Oklahoma who came here during the depression to pick fruit and cotton and whatever else they grew around here back then. I never saw biscuits and gravy on a breakfast menu until we moved here, the coast being more toast and jelly I suppose. Biscuits and gravy are a poor man's breakfast, but what a breakfast it is! Filling and cheap and nothing compares to a good biscuit. With gravy.

I did hurt my tooth biting into a very crunchy piece of bacon so maybe somebody was telling me I should have had the carrot cake pancakes after all. I'm sure they would have been delicious.

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margo said...

You had to mention carrot cake pancakes! I'd love to have some good carrot cake, but haven't found any minus gluten yet. Did get a spice muffin mix and added dried cranberries....quite moist for gluten-free, and rather tasty. Maybe that could be turned into carrot muffins??