Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Another Indignity

Of getting old.

This morning I rode over to Walmart to get a few things (today being payday and the bills are now paid) like some of that carpet freshener stuff that you sprinkle on the carpet before you vacuum. I buy the Pet Fresh kind because of so many stinky pets and it only costs $1.54 and really does help the house smell better. It's supposed to help your vacuum work better, too, but I just don't see how sprinkling fresh smelling powdery stuff on your carpet quite does that but anyway. It's a cheap price to pay for fresh smells in the air.

Another thing I needed to buy was Preparation H. And not for around my eyes which in case you didn't know, lots of women know the little secret of Preparation H around the eyes to plump up the skin and make your wrinkles not quite so deep. No, the Preparation H is for that OTHER area. Because when you get old you have those kinds of issues.

Enough said about that.

Have you seen the new Carl's Jr commercial that kind of borders on pornography and if Rick Santorium or however you spell his name has his way will be banned along with all other forms of disgusting porn? The commercial for the new jalapeno patty melt? Where the rather buxom blonde is getting all hot from eating her patty melt and takes down her hair and undoes her sweater and puts the Carl's Jr. bag between her legs and kind of squeezes it? Yeah, that one. I have noticed that they made the commercial a little safer during children watching TV hours and have panned up from her thighs but if you stay up late enough you can still see that part. Millions of men have been running to Carl's Jr. to get the new jalapeno patty melt and they just can't quite figure out why they want one so bad.

Yes, sex sells. Even hamburgers.

I'm thinking that old Rick is going to lose a lot of support if those Republicans can't get their porn. Seriously.

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