Friday, March 23, 2012

Not In MY Neighborhood

Last night we were watching the news like we do every evening cause we like to be informed and all. The local news has a thing called 'Eyewitness Investigates' complete with the dramatic music, where viewers call in with things they want investigated and the news team goes out all serious like and investigates. Last night a viewer had called in about a new handicapped parking space and sign in front of a residential house in her neighborhood and she wanted to know why it was there and said it made the neighborhood and I quote 'look trashy'. Because who wants CRIPPLED PEOPLE who might BE IN WHEELCHAIRS OR SOMETHING parking in her neighborhood. Now, sane people like you and I might just have a clue and figure that the person living in the house where the parking space and sign are in front of just might be disabled or in a wheelchair and need to be able to park in front of their house. Oh, the audacity of those gimps!

They don't show the face of the woman who called in the complaint in the report because she didn't want to be seen on camera just in case THOSE HORRIBLE CRIPPLES came after her to beat her with their canes or run over her with their wheelchairs, but I am hoping that she feels like a total idiot now after getting the answer to her request for an investigation of the horrible things going on in her neighborhood.

Because, guess what? The person who lives in the house where the disabled parking space and sign are IS INDEED DISABLED and needed a place for people who came to pick him up to park. DUH.

See, this is the type of city that we live in. Lots and lots of stupid people here.

What else is going on? I got woken up early today by Keith banging around in the kitchen and Buddy picking on Mimi in the bedroom. I tried to go back to sleep after throwing the cats out of the bedroom but by then was wide awake and went ahead and got up. Just in time to wave goodbye to Keith as he drove off in the dark this morning.

I've been trying to lose weight and it gets so discouraging when you watch everything you eat and you are kind of hungry all the time and the scale doesn't seem to move much. I lost a few pounds and actually bought one size smaller in my new summer pants but O. M. G. why is it so easy to gain weight but so hard to lose it? I was fixing lunch the other day and was having a turkey burger patty and got out the cottage cheese to go along with it but when I opened it up I just couldn't face eating cottage cheese again. Ugh.

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Margo said...

You're so right about the weight loss hard once it's there!

I finally got a handicapped placard for my car and have used it just once when the parking lot was very full. I do need the exercise walking to the store, but I was tired already that day and still had to push the shopping cart all over the store, so grabbed the nearest spot while it was open.