Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Burt's Bees

Buzz Buzz Buzz.

A while back I was looking for some new facial cleanser. I'm somewhat lazy about washing my face and thought maybe it was time I got a little more organized about it and got some good cleanser that didn't make my face feel like it was all dried out like most soaps and cleansers do. I think the face wash people do it on purpose so that you'll have to buy their moisturizer to put on your face after their cleanser dries it all out and makes it feel all tight and kind of itchy.

So, after perusing the huge variety of face cleansers in the face cleanser aisle at the drug store, I decided to try Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream.

It's wonderful. You don't need a moisturizer after washing, your skin feels soft and moisturized and even a little tingly from the chamomile. Or maybe the soap bark, I don't know but the stuff works. It's kind of expensive at about $10.00, but if you don't have to buy separate moisturizer and whatever else, it's worth the money.

I also have old person nasty dry icky feet. I've tried just about everything on my feet, the bag balm stuff that is kind of stinky and greasy and Pepper goes nuts over the smell and wants to lick my feet, and I've tried lotion that just really doesn't do anything other than smell nice. And Pepper still wants to lick my feet. And my arms and wherever else I've put lotion.

So, I was shopping for some kind of foot cream. And after remembering how much I like the Burt's Bees face wash, I decided to try their foot cream. They have a peppermint cream but I figured Pepper would go nuts over that smell so decided to try the Honey and Bilberry Foot Cream. You do smell the honey when you put it on but so far Pepper hasn't noticed it and has left my feet alone.

And it seems to work really really well.  It's not cheap either but again, worth the money because it actually works other than making your feet smell nice.

Except if you put it on and then later step into the shower be very careful because your foot is a little slippery because it's so soft and smooth now.


Margo said...

Get a mat for your shower so you don't slip. I've got a clear plastic one with little "gripper" cups on the bottom, and it really works. I rinse it off after a shower and hang it over the bathstool to dry. Well worth it to feel safe from falls, which I certainly don't want. You can put suction cup hooks on the shower wall to hang a mat up to dry, too.

PussDaddy said...

I love their shampoo for shiny hair.