Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Now I'm tired.

I got the yard mowed, only a few days late since Friday is my yard mowing day and I didn't feel like doing it on Friday, and then yesterday the yard was still all wet because it actually rained all day here on Sunday. Not a hard rain for the most part, just very light but enough to where poor old Lucy had to stay in the garage all day and night and Genie spent her day inside the shed, all like WHAT THE HELL?  It's WET out there!

Anyway, the yard looks better and I even rode over to Home Depot and got some new flowers for our big flower pot out front. The flower pot that had stubs of dead flowers in it. Stubs that Keith was convinced would come back. I keep explaining to him that some flowers just bloom and then die, and no, they are not going to come back. You just plant new ones each year. So, I did.

I'm beginning to think that my mind is failing me sometimes. Last week I was cooking dinner and had a can of baked beans (from Trader Joe's- very good!) on the back little burner. It's for heating up small pans or keeping things warm and the flame is very small. I had it on low to keep the beans warm while everything else cooked and then I dished up the beans and put the pan in the sink. But forgot to turn off the burner. Until the next night when Keith noticed it was on. So, it was on all night and all day. Burning away on a very low flame. Now I am afraid that I will become quite OCD and check and recheck the burners to make sure they are off.

We finally got our bathroom painted on Sunday. Since it was raining and all and there was nothing else to do. Only about 6 years late. Keith did most of the work because speaking of OCD he is very particular about how things get done while my style is more slap that paint on the wall. It needs a few places touched up, though. We got a new bathroom light and why we didn't do that 6 years ago too I don't know. At first it was blinding after he put it up. We thought the old light was okay but it only had one lightbulb and how we managed to take showers in the dark for so long is beyond me. With the old light the paint job looked just fine. With the new light the splotchy areas are in your face obvious.

Tomorrow afternoon we go get our taxes done so we can see if we will have to give our life savings to the IRS or not. I'm hoping we break even, we have extra money taken out of Keith's paycheck each payday and it's not like we are rich or anything. But, you've got to keep those congressmen paid and their private jets gassed up after all.

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Margo said...

I got a call today that my tax work's done, so I'll get up my nerve and go see how much more I'll owe, but maybe not until tomorrow! Former CPA retired so I've got a new one now in the same firm....could never face trying to do it myself.