Monday, February 27, 2012

Seperate Beds?

Interesting. I listen to Bob and Tom in the mornings while messing around on the computer, drinking my coffee, and packing up orders. Today they were talking about the percentage of married couples who sleep in separate beds and/or separate bedrooms. Sometimes even separate towns. Which is like 1 in 4 couples. The separate beds and/or bedrooms, not the separate towns thing.

We have talked about this from time to time. Not only do I have facial hair and ringworm but apparently I also snore. Quite loudly. I use those nasal strips at night that help you breathe better and are supposed to help with snoring but while I can breathe better I still snore. Loudly. Keith doesn't do the typical snoring but he does make weird clicking noises, something in his nasal cavities is clicking around in there. Anyway, neither of us sleeps all that well because while the snoring and clicking doesn't keep us individually awake because we are asleep and can't hear it, the person next to us is awake and annoyed and shut up already!

We've discussed getting twin beds a la Lucy and Ricky, but don't want to spend the money on twin beds right now, so after this past Friday night when both of us slept really badly because of snoring and clicking and twitching and flailing around, we decided we need to do something about the problem so that we both wake up in better moods and he's not trying to work a dangerous job sleep deprived.

We do have a twin mattress that has been stored all wrapped in plastic in the garage, but the box spring was not stored as well and has water damage, so Keith spent most of the weekend working on a wood platform for the twin mattress so we can put it in the front room and try sleeping in separate rooms.

I think it will be much better once we get used to it. He was going to sleep on the twin bed but then would have to come into the bedroom at 4:30 am to get his clothes, so I'm going to try the front bedroom. We have to keep one of the doors open for cats to get to a cat box during the night, so he is going to be the one with cats in the bedroom at night. Since he'll be on the big mattress it should be okay since there is plenty of room for them to sleep with him. And other than Bear making weird noises when she sleeps, they don't snore much.

So, we are going to join the 25% of American couples that have had enough of tossing and turning and wanting to shove a pillow over their partners face and sleep separately.

And speaking of beds, how about those families that do the co-sleeping with their kids, everybody all in one big bed? No thank you! I remember how squirmy little kids are when they sleep and I can't imagine having a few of them stealing your covers all night, it's bad enough when one of the cats climbs in there with us.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

I love when we go to hotels and have two queen beds. The dog doesn't know who to choose, so she goes back and forth a little. We co-sleep with her for about 30 minutes, then she goes to her own bed until about 30 minutes before I get up. THAT is good co-sleeping.