Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a Sunday Afternoon

I spent the morning running some grocery type errands, once again getting very frustrated at Foods Co. I go there for the low carb dairy product, it can't legally be called yogurt because it's not yogurt but real yogurt is ridiculously full of carbs so Foods Co it is for my fake yogurt.

I also needed my low carb tortillas because if I can't have a damn taco then life is just not worth living. So, of course they don't have any low carb tortillas. Two huge displays of tortillas and not one single package of low carb ones to be found and not even an empty space where they should be. I'm assuming that they don't sell all that many of them and have decided to stop carrying them. Because the average Foods Co shopper certainly doesn't care about carbs by the looks of their shopping carts piled high with chips and pop tarts.

So, I decided that since I'll have to make a trip to another store for my tortillas anyway, let's just cut this shopping trip off right here and get what's in my basket and forget about the rest of my list for now. I go to check out and of course there is only one cashier open. Which is usually the case for Foods Co.

Back home to put away my fake yogurt and then off to Vons to finish my shopping. I don't shop at Vons much anymore because their prices are just too high but they do carry things that nobody else does. And it doesn't stink in there like it does in Foods Co. And they have more than one checkstand open.

Yesterday I was driving through the Target parking lot and see a woman coming out of the store with one of those strollers with a seat in front and one in back. There is a little boy between 2 and 3 in the front seat and a little girl maybe a year old in the back seat and mom is walking along totally oblivious to the fact that the little boy is turned around whacking his sister on the top of her head. Ah, sibling rivalry!

Here are two semi-siblings that usually get along quite well. I'm assuming that Bear was there first and Mimi decided she needed some cuddle time so she squished herself in there alongside Bear.

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