Thursday, February 2, 2012

Much Better

Last night we both drank some Celestial sleepytime herb tea before bed. Now, I'm not an herb tea kind of person usually, I'd much rather have some chai or just plain old black tea because most herb teas are just too funny tasting and weird and too let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya and run barefoot through the meadow kind of teas, but the sleepytime tea actually tastes good once you put in some cream and sweetener. And it works. No dreams that I even remember and no waking up at all during the night. Of course by the time I did wake up my bladder was about to burst because usually I wake up at least once to go to the bathroom.

But it was nice to wake up without scratching my head and going what the heck was all THAT about anyway?

And feeling refreshed and ready to do whatever today.

Which so far hasn't been much.

Packed a few orders and cleaned the cat box and drank coffee. I did put the sheets in the wash, too.

In our local news there is a story of sex and murder up in one of the hill towns near Lake Isabella. A 51 year old man who apparently has spent many years in prison judging from the tattoos that cover his entire body and I really wish I had a picture of him because he just screams LOSER when you look at him, was jealous that his young ex-girlfriend/let's do drugs partner had found a new boyfriend. So, he strangled the new boyfriend, stuffed his body into the trunk of a car, and drove off to dispose of it. The car was not his, but borrowed from a neighbor, and either ran out of gas or broke down or something, so he just parked the car and left the body in the trunk. So, they figure out who parked the car with the body in it and arrest him, I'm thinking because the neighbor told the police who borrowed the car maybe. Anyway, the news crew was parked by the girlfriend's house hoping to get a juicy story out of her and she tried to run them over with her SUV. Great news footage, the car knocks over the camera as the cameraman scrambles to get out of the way.

Best news story all week.

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