Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm Tired

Exhausted, actually. I had a night long festival of weird dreams, dreams that I remember, which is odd in itself since I don't usually remember most of my dreams or they fade away really quickly. But last night was a succession of strange dreams that I remember most of.

The first one was winning $12,000 worth of flights to New York to see either a taping of Jeopardy or Jay Leno, not sure which and not sure why we'd need to fly to New York because I think both shows are taped in Los Angeles, but that's beside the point. The point of the dream was that I was trying to figure out how to cash in the flight tickets for real money because we would need the money to pay taxes on the winnings and could really use whatever was left after taxes. Keith won the prize by answering a question over the phone that I think Alex Trebec asked him so it must have been tapings of Jeopardy. I woke up from this dream disappointed that there was no actual $12,000 worth of plane tickets that we could hopefully cash in.

Then we were going to have a barbecue at our house only it wasn't our house but some other house, and a bunch of people were there for the barbecue but it wasn't people that I knew. I was going to bake chicken and was pulling chicken breasts out of the freezer and then counting how many people were there and realized I didn't have enough food and had to go to the store. I don't know why I was baking chicken breasts instead of them being barbecued since we were having a barbecue and all. So I go to the store and come back and all of the people had left and Keith was gone, too. He comes down the street and I was mad at him for not being home so he ran away back down the street.

Then I was taking a shower in an even different house, a house that had two parts to it with a dark garage passageway in between the two parts, and I get out of the shower and there is someone at the other end of the dark garage. Of course I have no clothes on because I had just gotten out of the shower and I'm wondering why there are people in the house. I'm assuming I got dressed because I don't remember being naked in the rest of the dream, but what is it with dreams where you are running around with no clothes on anyway? I have them every so often and I know that there is some deep dark twisted reason for dreaming about having no clothes on in public but I think I'd really rather not know what that reason is.

Anyway, in this same dream I go to the other part of the house where there are all these people coming into the house from some church. There are people in all these rooms in this house, eating food and playing cards, and sitting on couches and more are coming in the door. I'm trying to find out why they are all here and the pastor or priest or whoever from the church had told them that nobody lived in my house and they could come in and have an after church open house party. I'm trying to explain to these people, who seem to just keep multiplying, that it's my house and they are not invited but they won't leave. So, I'm trying to call the police but my phone battery is dead and I find another phone that I don't know how to work but finally am able to call 411 to get the police department phone number because it's not really an emergency where you would call 911. The phone rings for a long time and finally a man answers and says 'Public Works Department' and I'm like wait, I wanted information, and he says that they are handling all of those calls now. So, I ask for the police and he puts me on hold to get the number for me. I'm talking to one of the people in the house while waiting for the phone number and asking if he is from the church and he says 'no, I'm a farmer' and as I'm saying 'You're a farmer?' the phone clicks back on and the voice recognition thing thinks I am looking for a phone number for a farmer, not the police. So, I try calling back the public works department at 411 and explain that I need to be directly connected to the police this time and the man on the other end is asking for my address and what part of town it is in and what is Keith's mother's name because he thinks he might know her. And that's where that dream ended, the police never did get called and never did come to get all the people out of my house.

Then, it's a different house and there is a harbor or something right outside my window and there are different people in this house who are waiting to see someone and when I say that she doesn't live there they say that of course she doesn't, she is dead and they are waiting for her funeral. I look outside the window to see a big explosion in the harbor and there is a huge pile of tires on fire and people in Civil War costumes fighting on the grass by the water. Then, it turns to night and I'm going outside of the house and there is a stone path around the house right by the water so I'm following the path and there are two big stone deer statues by the path and then there is a small bison that is not a statue but real and it's trying to jump on me and it turns into a deer with very big antlers that is trying to jump on me so I go to the front door of the house to get away from the deer but it's following me inside and I keep pushing it outside and shutting the screen door on it but it keeps squeezing in under the screen door.

Then in the last dream before I finally woke up I am going down the dirtiest hallway in the world in an old dark building and there is a filthy toilet sitting against the wall in the hallway and I go into an office to see a private detective and the office is also filthy and nobody is there and I sit at the desk and the detective comes in and I look down and realize that I have no clothes on.

It was a long night.

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Margo said...

Your dreams are as weird as a lot of mine where I'm in some strange place with people I don't know, doings things I never did before! Very exhausting, those dreams, especially the ones in which I'm walking miles in strange country.