Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Already Tuesday?

And January is already on it's last day? Not that we've had much of a January but that's okay with me. I could get used to winter weather like this every year except for the fact that we really really need some rain.

We mowed our parched dead grass this weekend, the few bits of green in it were looking a little scraggly so out came the mower and the weed whacker and I mowed, leaving the weed whacking part for Keith. He turned the dirt in the flower beds and then got a bug up his you know what about cementing in the little part of flower bed along the garage that is totally useless because the dryer vent is right there and nothing will grow. So, he dug up the dirt where he wanted the cement to go and then got a late start pouring the cement on Sunday and ended up staying up until midnight messing around with cement. Apparently you have to pour it and then let the moisture seep up, wipe up the moisture, trowel it smooth, and repeat a few times.

I wanted to do something fun over the weekend but it was kind of damp and foggy and not the kind of weather where you really want to be outside. There is not all that much in the way of fun (and cheap) things to do in this town but I thought a trip over to the California Living Museum might be nice, get out in the not so fresh usually polluted air and see the new bobcat exhibit and look at some bears and stuff, so we will try and do it this next weekend. I'm feeling a little bored and really need to get out somewhere other than the grocery store, but still within our budget.

We finally got the window in the car fixed on Friday and now it is no longer being held in place with Hello Kitty duct tape, and I'm really surprised that the duct tape held up for a month, so if you ever need to duct tape your car window up, by all means use the Hello Kitty tape, it's good stuff! Keith was going to take the day off to take the car in but his boss told him he could borrow his extra truck, so that worked out well with Keith still being able to get to work even though he really kind of wanted to take a day off. We also got new rotors and brakes which were badly needed. The window was under recall and didn't cost anything, but the rotors and brakes were not, so we had to spend some money on that, but brakes are something you kind of really need to be working well, so...

The mechanic recommended a couple of other things that we didn't get done, a battery service? which costs $40.00. Um, no, we'll wait on that.

Yesterday Mimi found one of those plastic rings that come on jars or drinks, I don't know where it came from but she found it somewhere and spent hours and hours playing with her plastic ring. We do buy our cats lots of cat toys but she prefers found objects to play with. She gets paper out of my trash can in the work room and brings it into the living room, meowing that she's caught some paper, then lays it on the floor for me.  It was cute watching her entertain herself for so long. Just like a toddler in the tupperware cupboard.

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