Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year?

Hopefully it will be. If we could just find our missing cat. Dusty has still not turned up and Keith is devastated because he promised his mother that he would take care of them. I asked the twit lesbian next door if her dogs had gotten the cat but she was probably the wrong one to ask because while she brings home all of these animals she never takes care of them and never goes in the back yard. She leaves the dog feeding up to her girlfriend who goes out there and screams and yells at the dogs who are just trying to get a little human contact. And apparently nobody ever cleans up the dog shit because it always stinks back there. Anyway, she didn't seem to have any knowledge of anything. Their dogs could bark all night long and they never go out to see what's up. I think they just put in some ear plugs and go back to sleep.

So, I printed up some missing cat flyers for Keith to put around the neighborhood. He just talked to James who said that Dusty had run off a few times but always came back when he got hungry enough so there is still some hope. Poor Genie is confused and kind of wanders around looking for Dusty. She doesn't want to go into their shed house so we put a basket on the back porch for her to sleep in since she seems to want to be near the back sliding door where she can see us.

Other than that, kind of a quiet New Year's Eve for us. Keith fell asleep at about 9 and I read until I got too sleepy to read anymore and went to bed about 10:30. No wild parties for us! We are too old and too tired.

On Friday night we went to the Holiday Lights at Calm, CALM standing for California Living Museum, the little zoo where they keep native to California animals and birds. Each year they have a huge light display, with animated light sculptures, hot chocolate, and train and carousel rides. We did get to ride the train this year, which just kind of goes around in a big circle but with light displays around the track. The line was long but went quickly because they had two trains running. I was kind of surprised at how busy it was being after Christmas and all but maybe everybody else waited until after thinking it wouldn't be as crowded just like us.

And that is about it, another year over with and another starting. No big resolutions for us because we never keep them anyway, so...

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