Friday, December 30, 2011


Yesterday at my usual waking time of 6am (the older I get the earlier I seem to wake up even without setting an alarm) I got all the cats their canned food and then went to the back door to feed Dusty and Genie their canned food. Which they love and are usually so excited to get each morning. So excited that they are turning around in circles of anticipation until I set those bowls down. But only Genie was turning around in circles, no Dusty. Very odd. Very very odd.

It's still dark outside so I go get the flashlight to look inside the shed and see if he is still curled up in his bed, but no Dusty. I look all around the yard but no Dusty.

We had heard the dogs next door barking late the night before but instead of going outside to check things out just assumed that they were barking at nothing like they usually do each night. But now with Dusty missing I'm wondering if somehow he got into their back yard and the dogs killed him and that's what they were barking about. So, I get the kitchen stepladder as soon as it gets light enough and look into their yard. I don't see any signs of fur or blood or a dead cat, just a whole lot of dog shit that looked like it had been raked up into a big pile. Disgusting. But suspicious. Like the yard had been recently cleaned up but they were too lazy to pick up the dog shit but did get rid of a dead cat.

Then I thought maybe he had followed Keith out of the back yard when he took the trash out the night before and had gotten locked out when the gate was shut. Dusty and Genie have never figured out how to climb the fence and get out on their own. Or back in. I looked all around the front yard and in the next door front yard but no Dusty. He's been out front before and has always stayed real close to the house and waited by the gate if it was shut. So, I don't think he would have just wandered off and forgotten how to get back home.

This morning, still no Dusty. We have no idea what happened to him. Keith is very upset because he promised his mother that he would take care of her cats and now one is gone.

Now, on a lighter note, some cat pictures. Why Mimi chose to lay on a pile of books I don't know but she seemed content.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh No! I hope Dusty comes home very soon! It's such an awful feeling to not know where he is! :(