Friday, December 23, 2011

Would You Rather

Be cold or hot? Every summer we complain and complain and then complain some more about how hot we are and try to remember what it felt like during the winter when we complained and complained and then complained some more about how cold we were.

Winter just started and I'm already tired of it. I guess it's a good thing that we don't live where they have snow and ice and all that stuff, although we do get a little ice here in the mornings. Being cold makes me crankier than being hot I think. I'm already counting the days until spring.

For some reason I've been extra cranky this week, maybe it's the holidays approaching and all the money that we've been spending lately and the realization that with the new year comes a new tax season and all that stress with worrying about if we have it covered by having extra money taken out of Keith's checks or not and the upcoming dental work that I need or maybe it's just because I'm cold.

Yesterday I rode up to the store to get a few things for dinner and put on Keith's heavy jacket because it was cold outside but by the time I got into the store I was hot because the jacket really really keeps you warm and the store had their heaters blasting away and then they didn't have what I wanted so had to get back on the bike and ride over the bridge to Vons who had what I wanted.

I was going to make chinese chicken salad for dinner because it's so easy and we had a package of wonton strips in the cupboard and chicken in the freezer so all I needed was the dressing and some coleslaw and almonds. But I needed a certain brand of dressing because the other ones just don't taste as good and of course Save Mart doesn't carry it, thereby the over the bridge to Vons. But the salad tasted good and is so easy to make and maybe we'll just eat that every night because I've run out of dinner ideas and really really don't enjoy cooking anymore. Especially when the last few recipes that I've tried were not exactly keepers.


I had a good idea for an outing tonight that combines not having to cook with some holiday festiveness. We've been wanting to try Juicy Burger downtown that says they make everything fresh with local produce and beef but it's all the way downtown and we never feel like driving that far for a burger. But, if we drive down there tonight then we can look at holiday lights on the way home. Maybe that will put us in the Christmas mood.

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