Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dentists and Boxes and Stuff

So, it's almost Christmas which just isn't as exciting when you are an adult and you know there is no Santa and if you do play Santa you are the one paying the bills. Keith has been snooping in his stocking. You'd think a 53 year old man wouldn't be all excited about what's in his stocking and how disappointed is he going to be when he finds out that it's SOCKS right?

We are traveling again this year, not just one trip but two. Saturday with my family and Sunday with his. We were invited to spend the night at his brother's house and I'm like no thank you, I'd rather drive back and forth. I just don't sleep well anywhere but in my bed and not even that well there and I just don't want to spend the night at anyone's house. Especially someone's house where the two brothers really don't like each other all that much and we'd have to sleep in one of their teenage son's beds. Plus, the outdoor cats need to be fed each morning and night because if you just leave food out the stray cats come and eat it and we don't have anyone nearby that we could have feed them. Our lesbian neighbors don't feed their OWN animals half the time, plus it would be weird asking someone to come feed our cats on Christmas morning before they open their presents. So, we will be making two trips. I did buy Keith a comedy CD from the Bob and Tom radio show that I'll have him open before we leave on Saturday so we can listen to that on the way down. Then he'll probably want to listen to the other CD that I got him on the Sunday trip, the Tony Bennett duets CD which I know I won't like because I don't like that crooner music (those darn kids and their crooner music!) but he likes it and that's why I got it for him.

We went to our new dentist on Tuesday. Our appointments were consecutive, starting at 5 pm which is a very strange time to go to the dentist, but this dentist actually stays open until 7 on certain days. Keith refused to go back to our old dentist after his experience with his crowns where he was in the chair for 4 hours while the dentist worked on an assembly line of patients all at once and he ended up with constant jaw pain and tooth pain from the crown and had to go back and get pain meds and have the dentist tell him that his jaw pain was from TMJ and not sitting with his mouth open for 4 hours. Then we didn't have insurance for a while and then I just procrastinated at calling a new dentist so we hadn't been in for cleanings in almost a year. This new dentist's office is much more up to date than the old one, with digital x-rays and one day crowns and a much newer office. But it's still a dentist's office which always fills me with dread and anxiety.

Anyway, Keith went in first and got his checkup and teeth cleaned and didn't have any cavities so he doesn't have to come back for 6 months. Then after a long wait where I'm thinking they forgot about me, I go get my checkup but don't get my teeth cleaned because I need the deep cleaning and all that, and they don't have any appointments for deep cleaning until February, but they have this new laser thing that cleans under your gums that is like totally painless so we'll see how that goes, and they also will irrigate with this antibiotic wash stuff and since it's been so long since I had the deep cleaning we really should do the whole nine yards which of course the insurance does not pay for. I also need a crown on a tooth where the filling is broken and there is not enough left of the tooth to just fill it again. But I'm getting the one day crown that takes about 2 hours. In a few months. After I pay the $600 for the deep cleaning. Then I'll pay the $500 for the crown. The dentist told Keith that his crown that made his jaw hurt was basically the worst crown job he'd ever seen and they could replace it but the insurance wouldn't cover any of it because they only let you have so many crowns done in a certain number of years and it would be $1000 but we are just going to wait on that. We could dispute the first crown with the dentist and insurance company but since we waited so long it's probably not worth the effort.

So, anyway, gotta love a new year that's going to start out with saving up for dental work.

We got a box on our doorstep on Monday from Crate and Barrel. Keith's brother Brad (well, actually Brad's wife Wendy) always online shops for gifts for everyone and each year we get something sent to us for our Christmas gift which they really don't need to do but it's really nice of them and how smart is that to have everything just directly sent to the people on your gift list? No wrapping, no waiting in line at the post office. Smart.

Anyway, the box had some cute ceramic travel themed plates in it, plates that you could use for little snacks or just as decoration because the artwork on them is really nice. But, the best part about the present was of course THE BOX!

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