Monday, December 5, 2011

What We Did This Weekend

Saturday morning I was planning to go to Target to do my Christmas shopping and get gifts for the company party that night. I was ready to go at 8am. Keith wasn't. So, my day started out waiting for him to finally get up and get dressed and stop reading his magazine and get dressed and stop playing with the cats and get dressed and come on already, let's get going before everyone else in the world decides to go to Target.

I wanted to drop packages off at the post office so decided to stop at the Other Target which is near the post office but first we stopped at Carl's Jr to get something to eat because there were no eggs in the house or anything else to eat for breakfast and we didn't want to go to a real restaurant and have to sit there for an hour while everyone else in the world bought all the stuff that I was planning to buy at Target. However, stopping at the Other Target was a mistake because what I was planning to buy was nowhere to be found, either that or we had been beaten to them by everyone else in the world, so let's just go to Our Target where I know exactly where want I want to buy is. But first we need to go into Pier One because something else that I wanted to buy is in there. We got a little exercise by parking between the two stores and then walking instead of parking, walking, shopping, driving, parking, walking, shopping. Our Target had exactly what I wanted to buy. But then we needed to go to the Dollar Store for gift bags and gift wrap, but at least the Dollar Store was prepared and had lots of checkstands open so it was fairly painless to shop there and since everything is a dollar, not much money spent either.

Then we had to go to the Company Christmas Party slash Safety Meeting that night. They used to have it at the nearby Golf Course in the clubhouse with really good food prepared by the golf course people but it was getting too expensive so they opted for the meeting room in the only fancy motel in Wasco and have it catered by some barbecue company. So we drive to Wasco and pass by the only other motel in town, the Motel Cinderella that promises Color TV on their sign and go to the Best Western which is right across the street from the Motel Cinderella and I'm sure the Motel Cinderella was really annoyed that the Best Western moved in across the street. Not that anyone puts Wasco on their list of vacation destinations.

I wasn't real impressed by the food, tri-tip and chicken and very soggy green beans and rice. Before dinner there were 'appetizers' of cut up weenies in barbecue sauce and some icky meatballs and chips and dip. Dessert was grocery store bakery cake.

Safety and the next growth phase of the company were talked about and safety bonus checks were handed out and handshaking done and we did the gift exchange and we actually got something usable this year, a blanket for the couch and a Starbucks coffee sampler. No massaging slippers this year- yay! Someone did give a bubbling pet fountain as a gift, and why in the world would you think a bubbling pet fountain would be a good gift for the company gift exchange anyway?

The not so good food and the coffee after dinner gave me an upset stomach and I kept waking up feeling kind of sick all night long so on Sunday I was feeling not so good and tired. Keith slept late again and then wandered around in his underwear, finally settling on the couch to watch football. Still in his underwear.

I worked on my shops for a while and then decided to mow the lawn which was looking a little shaggy. Keith finally put some pants on and came out to do the weed whacking and help me finish up. We decided to go to the movies which we haven't done in months, so grabbed our free movie tickets (thanks, Jennifer!) that we've been hoarding, and off to the movies to see J Edgar. Which was a good movie, very interesting, and Leonardo Di Caprio is one of my favorite actors, but the movie theater was so cold that my feet and legs were aching and it was very hard to sit through the whole movie. Plus the seats are nothing like being at home on your reclining couch and being able to pause the movie to go to the bathroom. Note to self, either bring a blanket next time or wear three pairs of socks and two pairs of pants. Or just save movie going for the summertime when you want to sit inside a cold dark place.

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