Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Shopping


We went to the mall after Keith got home from work yesterday afternoon. He wanted to look for a pocket knife or swiss army knife or something for James' boyfriend Robbie for Christmas. I thought it was a nice gesture for Keith to want to include something for Robbie in their soon to be mailed Christmas package, so okay, let's go get him a pocket knife. Where to get one? For some reason Keith thought that Spencer's Gifts carries pocket knives. No, they don't, as we found out after walking walking walking all the way down one side of the mall. The mall here in town just seems to go on forever but there really aren't very many stores that I would even go into which is why we haven't been to the mall in 3 or 4 years. The mall is right off the freeway, where we almost got into two wrecks because everyone was driving crazy and deciding to switch lanes but not noticing THAT WE WERE ALREADY THERE! So, after the white knuckling freeway ride, you go down a busy busy street to get into the mall parking lot which is full of more crazy drivers and find a parking space way off at the edge of the parking lot because everything else is full. Then you walk walk walk down one side of the mall to find whatever store it is you are going to and then of course the other store you want to go to is at the complete opposite end of the mall. Which seems to be about a mile long and has these angles to it where you think you are at the end but no, there's more down here.

Anyway, we went to the John T's store too and of course they are all sold out of pocket knives and swiss army knives and I didn't realize that the knife Keith had in mind was like $40.00 and I'm sorry, but that is too  much money to spend on someone that you are not really related to, so no you can't buy him a fancy swiss army knife after all. We will look for a much cheaper knife somewhere else.

The only thing we did buy at the mall was some lotion and shower gel from the Bath and Body store because they suck you in with all the wonderful smells and the promise that if you buy 2 you get 1 free but even better buy 3 and get 2 free! Which I did and now have some awesome smelling shower gel and some lotion which Pepper will now want to lick off of me. She loves lotion and soap smells and will smell me coming after a shower or after putting lotion on and want to sniff and lick. Yeah, it is kind of creepy.

We also stopped for dinner at Red Robin and after eating we looked at the menu thing that lists all the calories and carbs in what you just ate and we shouldn't have eaten any of it. It's kind of scary reading that thing and finding out that the what you thought was a halfway healthy salad has like 1200 calories in it. Keith had the fish and chips which has like 12000 calories in it.

So, after going to the mall we still didn't get any Christmas shopping done but did manage to spend too much money.

Keith is postponing his week off from this coming week to the week after, just managing to squeeze it in before he loses the vacation time on the 17th. The big boss was telling him that he could take next week off but they are having some training and safety meetings and he could just come in for those on two separate days and he'll get paid for the time, but Keith is like SCREW THAT! I am not coming near this place on my vacation so I'll just plan it for a week when there are no meetings scheduled.

This morning he said he is planning on finally building the computer desk for the workroom, the wood for which has been sitting in the workroom for 2 or 3 years. I think it would be a whole lot easier to just go buy a desk, but...

I won't be holding my breath waiting for the computer desk.

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