Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Biting My Tongue

I guess I'm in a little bit (or maybe a big bit) of a cranky mood today and just do not feel like dealing with annoying things. I'm counting to ten a lot today and my tongue is starting to hurt.

Like the email from our new dentist's office that we haven't even been to for our first appointment yet thanking us for our business and wishing us happy holidays. Some might think this is nice, but NOT TODAY!

Like the phone call from Stamps.com welcoming me as a new customer. Some might think this is also nice but NOT TODAY! You've got my email address, just annoy me with an email instead of a phone call please.

And then there was the bike ride over to do some shopping where I bundled up because it's cold outside and then got into Target where it was HOT inside and I was all bundled up and was sweating by the time I was at the checkout line. And the going into Dick's (snicker) Sporting Goods looking for snowboarding socks for Keith (not that he snowboards, they make good work socks) and being directed to where they are supposed to be and not seeing a single thing that looked like a sock of any kind and leaving the store thinking that maybe I should just look for them online. And also seeing a sweater in Dick's (snort) that was pretty until I looked at the $85.00 price tag. And that annoyed me that people would pay $85.00 for a sweater. But if they are shopping in Dick's (guffaw) they are all sporty and rich so $85.00 for a sweater probably seems like a bargain.

And then getting some emails in my shop that want to know things like how true are the colors in some pictures of some vintage plastic cups and can I take some pictures outdoors and send them so they can see the colors better. It's freaking YELLOW. And PINK.

And then the one where they love my holiday pins and do I offer a holiday discount? The holiday pins that are priced between 2 and 6 dollars and what, do you want them for free? Yes, I offer a discount if you order at least 15 of them, how's that?

Maybe I need more sleep. Or less coffee. Or a vacation. Somewhere warm because I'm already tired of being cold and it's only the beginning of December. It's going to be a cranky winter.


PussDaddy said...

Hmmmm. Well, on the plus side my gift cards have never looked cuter than they do in your little gift bags I got from you.


PussDaddy said...

Do you still have your Artfire shop where I bought them?