Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Groceries and Husbands

Yesterday I woke up still feeling icky in my stomach and very tired because we didn't keep the cats out of the bedroom during the night and Buddy woke me up about 3 am by crawling under the covers and having a big furry loudly purring cat crawling under the covers and bumping against your behind at 3 am is a little creepy. I did get the cat boxes cleaned and everybody fed and the kitchen cleaned up and the floors vacuumed and the Christmas gifts put away and the tags taken off the new pajamas and all that, and then sat on the couch with some tea.

I needed to go get at least enough food for a few days and some stuff for Keith's lunches for the week but really didn't feel like actually going to the grocery store. Keith wanted to go run a few errands and take the flat tire to the tire store (where the tire is under warranty for road hazards and it only cost 15.00 for a whole new tire because they couldn't fix the old one!) so I asked him if he wanted to pick up the stuff on my grocery list. Which wasn't a whole lot of stuff, just a few basics.

So, about 2 hours later he comes back with $180.00 worth of groceries.

He didn't buy anything that was too weird, though, just a lot of canned stuff like soups for his lunches and lots of fruit that I hope gets eaten and some bacon and steaks and chicken and giant sized packs of paper towels and toilet paper. I don't have much of a meal plan for the week but with all that he bought I'm sure that we can figure something out. But, I really hadn't planned on spending that much money.

Moral of the story? Some men need supervision when they go grocery shopping.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, and happy belated holidays! ;)